A Break From Projects – ABBA Style

I am starting to drown in group projects.

And I’m not complaining! They’re all very fun group projects (like building a 2D game or creating a video marketing strategy for my social media campaign), but as I look at the calendar ahead of me and see the semester start barreling towards me, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, this weekend, I got an escape (or at least a physical one – I was still doing my homework on the train).

One of my best friends from back home came to visit me in Denmark this weekend. I got to show her around the city, introduce her to my host family (who were so generous enough to let her eat and stay with us – love you both!), and, most importantly, travel to Sweden together.

me and Sabrina

After spending the day in Copenhagen on Friday, we boarded a train early Saturday morning for Stockholm. The train was about 5 hours, but scenic and comfortable and got us right into the center of Stockholm.

Stockholm is BEAUTIFUL. Our first day there was sunny and warm and perfect weather for wandering and exploring such an old and rich city. We navigated Gamla Stan, the old city, and peeked into shops (mostly to buy gifts – don’t tell my mom).

It’s hard to explain the beauty of this city in words, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

the most INSANE sunset
the most INSANE sunset part 2

After an absolutely beautiful sunset, we ventured to Fotografiska, a photography center and museum. As yours truly, your humble neighborhood blogger, was walking around the city with a camera around her neck, this was my cup of tea.

proof of me being a certified Photographer Friend

We saw two other museums on our second day – the Nationalmuseum and the ABBA museum.

I’ll start with the Nationalmuseum, to save my personal favorite for last. Free of charge for admission, this art museum was full of beautiful paintings and sculptures that captured my heart. There was even a stray hidden Monet to greet me, Impressionism’s Number 1 Fan.

and of course, the best art – my mirror selfies

The ABBA museum, however, stole my heart and gave it back to me better, stronger, and more content with life.

Filled with both artifacts from the band’s iconic history AND from BOTH Mamma Mia movies (!!!!!!!!), this was probably the most fun museum I’ve ever been to. There was karaoke and dance parties and games and BOY I’ve never felt more like a dancing queen. AND they had a student discount. AND Meryl Streep’s actual clothes.

COSTUMES from the MOVIE that has my HEART
yours truly, your humble ABBA-obsessed blogger

Anyway, as I return to Copenhagen exhausted from walking and also from thinking about all of the work I have to do, I’m glad I finally took a weekend trip outside of Denmark. Especially since I’m running out of weekends to do it! Two weeks from right now I’ll be in Paris, my first travel week in full swing. Once October starts, it’s nonstop travel and fun and events and ahhhhhhhhh!

So for now, I will breathe. And do my share on those group projects. Gotta get back to those.

Tills nästa vecka!

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