Baked Goods I’ve Had (So Far) – From a Passionate Baker

So fun fact about me: I love baking. I love learning about baking, making new recipes, watching The Great British Bake Off – all of it.

So, being in Europe, I have taken it upon myself to try as many baked goods as I can. After all, no one does it better than Europe, right? So, here are my thoughts up to this point of Copenhagen’s bakery items and pastries and everything in between.

Important note: I only got the idea for this blog post, like, two weeks ago. So there are things I’ve tried that sadly did not get documented. I ALSO have not yet had the famous, revolutionary onsdagssnegl (“Wednesday snail”, popularized by a local bakery for selling cinnamon rolls each Wednesday). Consider these the baked goods less blogged about, the ones that get overshadowed by giant midweek cinnamon rolls.

7/11 Cinnamon Roll

I’ll start off with the most surprising thing to most Americans – HIGH-QUALITY baked goods from 7/11. Back at home, 7/11s are just gas stations, filled with mediocre gas station foods. But here? I could eat an entire day’s worth of meals at 7/11.

This cinnamon roll is MUCH better than I expected – and for decent 7/11 prices!! The outer layer of the roll made me worried it would be dry and possible stale, but that was only the outermost ring. The center was moist, gooey, and so so delicious. Getting it from a grab’n’go place like 7/11 means it isn’t exactly fresh out of the oven, but I thought it was a great cinnamon roll on the go without having to wait in lines at a “fresher” bakery.

Solid, confident 8/10.

Mini Margherita – Espresso House

As a vegetarian, sometimes it’s hard to find a savory option in bakeries. Many sausage rolls, not enough options for a hungry vegetarian who only has a coffee shop or bakery to run into. Lucky for me, Espresso House has an option, and that’s lucky since there’s one on every corner. Called a Mini Margherita, this is kind of like a bread roll topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella a la a tiny pizza.

The good: They warmed it up for me, enough to melt the cheese and leave steam rising once I broke the bread apart. On a windy, rainy, Copenhagen evening, this was lovely and exactly the warmth I needed.

The not so good: There was really only cheese in the center. That part was the best part! So good. But the surrounding area was basically just a fluffy dinner roll with a little bit of tomato.

Needs more cheese, but could be a decent savory snack in a pinch. 5/10.

Pie – American Pie Company

The summer before I left for college, I went through a pie phase. Inspired by the pie recipe book published by the musical Waitress, I spent the whole summer making a new pie practically every week.

Needless to say, I know a lot about pie.

Also needless to say, I love American Pie Company. I’ve yet to have a pie I don’t like, and they’re a wonderful taste of classic American flavors for when you’re feeling homesick mid-semester. Both savory and sweet, everything I’ve had here thus far has been good.

The vegetarian sweet potato chili pie? Amazing and warm for a cold or dreary day. The peanut butter chocolate pie? Literally my favorite flavors all in one and made me remember my Southern roots.

I love American Pie Company and please use this blog as an excuse to invite me out to American Pie Company.


Cardamom Bun – Espresso House

If you can’t tell, my goal is to try everything at Espresso House – both for this post and for my own baked good obsession.

Cardamom is not a wildly popular spice back in the States. I really only heard of it from The Great British Bake Off, and now I realize that it is much more popular in Europe in general.

Cardamom is something I classify into “holiday spices”, with the likes of nutmeg or ginger spice. Thus, this bun had a spice and warmth to it that American baked goods have yet to offer me. It wasn’t super sweet or sugary, letting the cardamom shine.

Moist, warm, and a buttery center. It was raining outside and so this was exactly what I needed. America – I’m looking at you to appreciate cardamom more.


Chocolate Bun – Aarhus Bakery

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of this bakery – during my core course week, my professor decided to stop at a bakery and let all of us get something to wake us up and keep us lively. However, I’ve seen this general type of good around Denmark, so I’ll still talk about it. Don’t question it.

The closest thing I can compare this bun to is a chocolate chip challah bread – which I love. The dough is eggy and not too sweet, making the chocolate the only sweet part of the bun. It was super soft and moist and fluffy and the chocolate was even the slightest bit melted.

Very good. Would recommend if I knew what this bakery was called. But if you see something like it, hope that it tastes like this one.


Special Recognition – Bagels

So for context – I spent the summer in New York City. So for a solid three months of my life, a LOT of my diet consisted of bagels.

Since being at DIS, I’ve learned that if you’re hungry and in need of a quick and easy lunch, Fresh Bagel is the place to go. It’s right on Vestergade, two doors down from V10 (where a lot of my classes are) and just half a block away from the library.

Something interesting I’ve learned since being here is that the bagels are simply different. At this point, a lot of us decided we consider Fresh Bagel a sandwich shop instead of a bagel shop – the bagels are thinner than New York bagels, and they’re pressed in a panini-like press, making them even thinner.

This isn’t to say they’re bad – again, I probably eat one of these at least once a week. But as someone who recognizes small differences in baking, the vast difference between Danish bagels and NYC bagels was one of the first and most interesting things I noted.

5/10 bagel, but 9/10 sandwich. Would eat very quickly in between my core course and Danish class.

In Conclusion

I love baked goods. And yes, there will be a part 2 to this as we enter the second half of the semester (today is the halfway point class-wise – what?????).

I will continue to try everything I can and watch the Danish version of Bake Off with my host mom. This is what I consider thriving.

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