The Calm Between The Storms

Congratulate me, I’m finally fully unpacked from my travel week!

Pray for me, because in a couple of days I have to pack right back up again!

And so it goes in this two week period between Travel Week 1 and Travel Week 2 – I feel like I just caught up on sleep I lost while parading in Europe, and then I realize that this coming Sunday I have to be at the airport at 6:30am to leave for my Study Tour to Berlin and Hamburg.

And I’m not complaining! This amount of travel is absolutely incredible and one of my most favorite things about DIS as an institution. Within one month, I will have been to 4 countries outside of Denmark. And after we get back from our second Travel Week, we have another two full weeks of classes before our November study break (a study break in which most of us are, you guessed it, traveling even more – don’t worry Mom! I’ll still do all of my assignments!).

But that does mean that these two weeks in between traveling feel kind of strange, like a limbo made up of packing and unpacking and exhaustion and excitement.

This break has already gone by very quickly. Last week, right after I returned from Amsterdam, my parents came to visit! We did all the classics – they saw the sights, we went to a dinner I never would have bought for myself, I took them to Tivoli, and we saw a Cher concert! What do you mean it’s not normal to go to Cher concerts when your parents visit you abroad. What are you talking about.

This is me and my mom! We are THRIVING!

As for this week, there’s not much to report. My Virtual Worlds and Social Media class is in the middle of our big semester-long group project (ooooh, I haven’t told you all about Danish Dogspotting yet. Join the Facebook group if you havent ;)), my Game Development core course is starting on our final 3D game project soon, and I have to figure out what I’m gonna write my 12-page research paper on for Glued to the Set: TV Norms and Cultures.

Besides that, I’ve been taking a breather from traveling and hosting my parents. I’m still pretty tired all of the time, but at this point I think it’ll be like that until the semester ends, and even for a bit after that.

I’ve been planning my final travel of the semester, my trip over our November break. Right now it’s looking like Dublin, Newcastle, and Edinburgh. Yes, I am overloading again, but it’s fine, if not now then when?? Sleep is for later.

So, as the weather gets colder and I slowly transition into my heavier winter jacket, I’m taking whatever time I have to relax and breathe and just exist within the city of Copenhagen. So I don’t really have too many updates! Just that I’m more content with my current life than I ever expected – I have beautiful friends here, I got to see my amazing parents, and I’m traveling to all of the places I only really dreamed of seeing, slowly crossing things off of my bucket list as I go.

So there’s not much else to say this week! But since I’m currently at the practically halfway mark, I’ll just say: I love Copenhagen, and the next half is going to go by much, much too quickly.

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