One Month to Go, and How That Freaks Me Out

As of this week, I have only a little bit over one month left in Copenhagen.

So, uh, guys??? Can you tell me how this happened? I’m kind of freaked out here.

Sure, sure, the passage of time is a “real thing” that “happens literally constantly” and I shouldn’t be so surprised that after three months here, I only have one month left of my four month stay.

BUT STILL. This is wild. How did this go so fast but also at the same time feel like I’ve been here for years??

Anyway. We’re now officially in the throws of finals season, which makes it harder to appreciate the last moments we have in Copenhagen. Currently, I’m working on a 3D video game inspired by Cooking Mama, a 12-page paper on the representation of mental health in TV shows (using case studies of Bojack Horseman and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, of course), an analysis of a semester-long project creating and running a social media page (this is your last chance to join Danish Dogspotting on Facebook!!!), and three different finals for my Danish class (written, oral, and cultural). All while planning/figuring out my classes and housing and extracurriculars for next semester.

So, I’m pretty busy!

But I’m trying to take the time to appreciate Copenhagen even more than I have, letting myself take in just how beautiful this city can be.

(Granted, when the sun sets at 4:00, there are fewer hours in the day to see the beauty in full daylight)

But I can appreciate the beauty of this landscape from my own home, often able to see the sunrise from our East-facing kitchen window since the sun rises later in the morning now.

The view from my homestay kitchen, sometime early in the morning
The same view, but later in the afternoon on a cloudy day

I’ve loved taking walks down Strøget recently. Why, you ask? Because as soon as the sun rose on November 1st, leaving the Halloween season in the past, every store on Strøget put up their Christmas decorations and merchandise. So I put on my Christmas playlist, buy a few presents, and enjoy the lovely, hyggelit decorations of the shops. In my mind, it will cure any worry or stress you have.

So before I leave I still have to:

  • Write/Program/Finish all those finals
  • Go to Dublin and Newcastle and Edinburgh with one of my friends back from Tennessee
  • Cook my host family a Thanksgiving dinner using some of my family’s recipes
  • Buy my family and my best friends some Christmas presents from Copenhagen
  • Attend the Snow Queen ballet at Tivoli (*insert, like 10 heart eyes emojis right here. Frozen 2 WHO)
  • Help my host family with their annual Christmas party
  • …pack???

Intellectually, I know that these things will all happen within the next month. Some of them literally have to happen. But they all seem so far in the future, because, I reiterate – the passage of time is a construct and I have yet to fully understand it.

So I’m gonna sit back, breathe, and try to soak in all of the hygge and Danish-ness and Copenhagen beauty that I can in the next month. I am so, so excited for Christmas (if I could add a song here like I can on Instagram stories, I would add “Christmas Is Starting Now” from Phineas and Ferb). The next month is gonna be challenging and stressful, but I also feel like it will be really good. It’s a gut feeling.

So, that’s it for this week! No real news or updates – just a visceral awareness that time is weird.

Only a few more blog posts left (get your tears out now, I know, I know)! Until next time, og jeg vil snart tale med dig!

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