Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homesick Soul

Happy belated Thanksgiving/early Christmas!!

As of right now, I have two weeks until I leave for the States. And yet, despite being so close to being home, the homesickness has almost hit the hardest of the entire semester.

Thankfully, the best cure for homesickness is food – always and forever. And two days ago was Thanksgiving! Seeing all of my friends be at home and with their families, and seeing my own family being together without me, definitely kicked off the wave of homesickness. But the next day, on Black Friday (after scoring some nice internet deals), I got to bring some of my home to my homestay.

A few months ago, I offered to cook my host family some of my family’s recipes for Thanksgiving. They got very excited at this offer – none of their host students (I’m their fifth) have ever cooked them a Thanksgiving! So I invited some friends over, let my host mom (the usual cook) sit and relax, and put together a little Thanksgiving meal.

(Note: My host mom did cook the chicken (our substitute for turkey). I do not know how to cook meat.)

My mom had sent me the recipe for her mom’s mashed potatoes – we’ve had them for literally every Thanksgiving I can remember, and to me that is the taste of home. So when I was able to put them together, in my own sloppy way I’m sure, I took one taste and immediately felt like I was home.

At the end of the cooking, I (and my two friends, Molly and Lucie) had put together mashed potatoes (recipe courtesy of my mom), brussel sprouts, and a pumpkin cake (recipe also courtesy of my mom but mostly of Williams Sonoma). My host mom stuffed and roasted a chicken, and we had a Thanksgiving.

Molly also brought some gluten free rolls because WHAT is a Thanksgiving without bread

Long story short, it was great. The three of us got to have a home-away-from-home Thanksgiving, and my host family got to experience what my family does every year.

Now, it’s Christmas! Today, my host mom and I are baking cookies and tomorrow we start to decorate the house. Next weekend, we’re going to the Snow Queen ballet and my family is having their yearly glogg party.

And, in the meantime, if you see me, assume I’m writing one of my three papers I have due or coding a 3D video game.

Sorry this is a shorter post, but the weeks are starting to catch up to me and I have to use literally any reserve energy I have to finish all of these final projects! So enjoy these pictures of today’s sunset (at 3:45 oof) as an apology.

Until next time! Hej hej!

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